Bishop Elementary School teacher arrested on child sexual abuse charges

Bishop Police Department press release

Monday afternoon, April 22, the Bishop Police Department (BPD) served a search warrant in Mammoth Lakes at the residence of 30-year-old Eugenio Alejandre Solorio Jr..

Solorio is a school teacher at Bishop Elementary. Roughly 8-years prior he was a student teacher and basketball coach in Mammoth Lakes. The investigation began after a 10-year-old recently reported having been molested by Solorio about two-years ago in a Bishop Elementary school classroom.

Solorio was booked into the Inyo County Jail on the following charges:
PC 288(a) – Lewd acts with a minor
PC 288.5(a) – Continuous sexual abuse
PC 288.7(b) – Sexual acts with child under 10

School officials have placed Solorio on leave pending the outcome of the criminal investigation, which is on-going. As with all cases, those arrested are innocent until proven guilty. The BPD respectfully requests that citizens allow this case to run its course in the criminal justice system before passing judgment on anyone believed to be involved.

Anyone with possible relevant information is strongly encouraged to stop by the Bishop Police Department or telephone at (760) 873-5866.


On April 22, 2019, the Bishop Unified School District was informed by the Bishop Police Department that Eugenio Solorio Jr., employed by the District as a 3rd grade teacher at Bishop Elementary School, was arrested on charges of violating Penal Code sections PC 288(a), PC 288.5(a) and PC 288.7(b).

The District learned of the allegations concerning Mr. Solorio on Sunday, April 14th and immediately placed Mr. Solorio on an administrative leave of absence the following day and notified local authorities.

The District will fully cooperate with the Bishop Police Department and the Inyo County District Attorney’s Office in this matter. Our students’
safety and well-being remain our highest priority.

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4 years ago

How in the world does this happen!!! A teacher is arrested, DA refuses case, we dont hear anymore!! Bishop PD was sure quick with their social media hero pages. Now……silence. This one will cost huge $, and should.

4 years ago
Reply to  hlycrp

I think you have a good point. Arrests should not be posted publicly by LEO, but instead convictions could be by the DA’s office. Obviously arrests are public record, but posting them on social media is different. These posts certainly have the potential to taint a jury pool, and perhaps… Read more »

4 years ago

I know no facts on this story…But I do believe in innocent until proven guilty. Let’s let the legal process work and give this man his fair due process.