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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





The Bishop City Council plans to seek grant money to build housing for handicapped people.

bishop_city_council_12-14At the required public hearing Monday night, the council approved a plan to seek community development block grants to possibly use to build handicapped housing near the Sunrise Mobile Home Park on MacIver Street.

The City and IMACA had been close to building this project two years ago, but trouble with the various grants shut the project down. That project was slated for Spruce and Yaney, but this new start on the project would be built at MacIver and Spruce, a little closer to the Sunrise Mobile Home Park.

IMACA director Daniel Steinhagen spoke in favor of the project that would help seniors and the disabled.

Beth Himelhoch with the Inyo Mono Association for the Handicapped described a desperate need, for this housing project as some of her clients have been forced to live at a skilled nursing home in southern Inyo, and even out of the area. The housing project would, keep my population in their home, in their community where they grew up and most were born.