By Deb Murphy

The Bishop City Council unanimously approved a value statement, one that applauds the city’s diversity without spelling out specific diverse groups.

The effort started back in February when Steven Muchovej and approximately 20 other speakers provided examples of what could be described as hate speech toward those who were “different.” While everyone agreed that “wasn’t what Bishop was,” it took a second request in mid-March before the Council formed a value statement committee and held a public workshop.

The final sticking point was whether to spell out groups who were recipients of prejudice or to come up with a statement that included everyone without specific identification.

That final product was read by Mayor Joe Pecsi and approved by the Council at its July 24 meeting.

This is an abbreviated version:

….we value our diversity and endeavor to be inclusive and accepting of everyone from all walks of life…

…we value our compassion and are welcoming and respectful of our neighbors and our guests…

…we recognize our differences and strive not to let them divide us…

…we value what we have in common and choose to let that unite us….

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