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Eastern Sierra News for June 21, 2024





Many students received scholarships at the Bishop High School awards ceremony Wednesday night, but a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Foundation will give one student a full ride all the way through medical school.

Superintendent Maggie Kingsbury reports that soon to graduate high school student Justin Cozad could receive up to three quarters of a million dollars to pay for undergrad at Dartmouth and on through medical school. Microsoft Founder Bill Gates set up the Millennium Fund with a $1 billion dollar grant in 1999. Kingsbury said that Cozad was one of 30,000 students to apply for a Millennium Scholarship. 150 students were approved, including the Bishop student.

This large scholarship was only one of many scholarships announced Wednesday night. Kingsbury said that $309,000 in scholarships from local organizations were announced along with $604,000 in other outside scholarships for local students. About half of the graduating seniors received scholarships.