Bikes to Ease Bishop Skate Park Blues

Security cameras for the Bishop Skate Park are still in the works, but at least one source of tension may be resolved. Bishop Community Service Director Keith Caldwell reports that the Skate Park will now be open to bicycles as well as skate boards.

At a community meeting last week, skate park users made it clear to city officials that bicycles should be allowed in the skate park. City Officials report that their insurance wont allow bikes and boards in the skate park at the same time, so an alternating system has been worked out. Skaters get the odd hours of the day, 11:00, 1:00, 3:00 etc. Those who want to ride bikes in the skate park can ride on the even hours. Those who bring both, never have to stop.

Whether this helps solve problems at the skate park or creates new ones is yet to be seen. The park had been closed down in recent weeks due to graffiti and vandalism – a repeat of past problems at the facility.


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