Big Snow, Big Safety Concerns

Huge piles of snow – safety concerns. The Mammoth Lakes Fire Department sent out reminders of what to do to protect against snow dangers.

As temperatures go up and down, snow starts to slide off roofs. Firemen point out that tremendous amounts of weight can came crashing off of a roof with no warning. So, they advise to avoid roof areas and move quickly under them.

Also as temperatures rise, firemen say you should watch snow banks. Melting snow can slide down on people and accumulate in yard and streets.

Firemen also advise that you should keep downstairs bedroom windows clear of snow in case of the need to exit through one of them.

For homeowners who use propane, take notes:

The top of the tank needs to be routinely dug out to allow for quick access to the shut off valve and to allow for regulator venting.

Make sure that unprotected sections of all exterior gas pipes are exposed and not subject to shedding snow and ice from your roof.

Gas leaks from exposed and damaged pipes can accumulate under houses and buildings, causing explosions. Routine maintenance should limit problems. Users of propane appliances need to make sure that roof vents are kept open and not blocked by snow.

The Fire Department also asks residents, if possible, to shovel out fire hydrants buried by snow and located near homes. For more info, call Captain Robert Williams at 934-2300.

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