Sunday night at about 10:30, police arrested a Big Pine resident at the Vons in Bishop for alleged strong armed robbery and probation violations. Police report that 20-year-old Dakota Bever of Big Pine had attempted to steal a 30-pack of beer, but the situation escalated when the manager tried to stop the man from taking the beer.

Police say that Bever had entered the store with the intent to take the beer and a bag of pistachios. When the manager tried to stop him, Bever punched the manager in the face causing a bloody lip, police say. The fight continued into the parking lot.

Officers reported that Bever admitted that he had no money. He was also on probation. One of the conditions of the probation is that Bever cant be around alcohol. Bever was arrested for burglary, strong armed robbery, and the probation violations. He was taken to the county jail in Independence.