MLPD Bear Beat

This Week’s Theme: Are we the only ones who watched Yogi as a kid? Bears like open windows, baked goods and “pick-a-nicks”.

7/30, 10:30 p.m., Panorama Dr. – Bear came in through an OPEN WINDOW and grabbed some cookies.  Bear scared off by homeowner.
07/31, 1:44 a.m., Joaquin Rd. – Bear came into the house through an OPEN WINDOW. Bear scared off by MLPD.
08/02, 12:47 p.m., Lake Mary – Bear enjoying a very lovely picnic arrangement. Scared off by MLPD with a non-lethal bean bag round.
08/03, 11:44 a.m., Chateau Rd. – Baby bear trying to get out of pool area after relaxing in the hot tub.  Bear doesn’t understand growth spurts and is stuck in the fence. Good Samaritan helped him by pushing him through.
08/05, 8:31 a.m., Lake Mary – Bear in store eating marshmallows. Gone on arrival.
08/05, 10:15 p.m., Vacation Place – Bear in house. House has been infiltrated by bears at least four times in the past year. Not the neighbors’ houses though.
08/07, 12:35 p.m., Lakes Basin – Bear in the woods with a large crowd. Crowd dispersed and bear scared off with non-lethal bean bag round.

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