Black bears have been living in town and raiding our food since long before the Mammoth Lakes Police Department was established. Bear encounters and Officers’ response to these calls have remained steady every year for decades. With the prevalence of social media, plus better wildlife response tracking methods, our Agency is now able to easily share details of these calls.

8/10, Ongoing issue Canyon Blvd. – Bears in OPEN DUMPSTER. Construction dumpsters are not for household waste!
8/14, 10:30 a.m., Lake Mary – Bear stole a backpack full of food.
8/16, 10:53 a.m., Par Court – Bear pulled out a partially OPEN CAR WINDOW to access a back seat full of
empty beer and soda cans set aside for recycling.
8/17, 12:19 a.m., Twin Lakes – Bear outside tent eating contents of cooler that was NOT IN THE
PROVIDED BEAR BOX. Bear chased off by MLPD.
8/18, 12:20 a.m., Meadow Lane – Bear stuck in an OPEN DUMPSTER. Bear freed by MLPD.
8/18, 1:45 a.m., Old Mammoth Road – Bear in Carl’s Jr.’s trash. How’d he get in there?
8/19, 2:55 a.m., Manzanita Road – Bears in OPEN DUMPSTER.
8/19, 9:54 a.m., Old Mammoth Road – Bear issue at Vons, options given.
8/20, 1:59 a.m., Old Mammoth Road – Bear hanging around Carl’s Jr. and Union Bank. Scared off by
8/20, 2:30 p.m., Lake Mary – Bears causing problems. Gone on arrival.
8/21, 9:16 a.m., Old Mammoth Road – Bears in a tree.
8/22, 1:57 a.m., Chapparal Road – Bear in an OPEN DUMPSTER. What’s a bear to do?