BCC talks vacancies, park etiquette

By Deb Murphy

At the Monday, Aug. 28 Bishop City Council meeting, City Administrator Jim Tatum suggested the idea of a vacancy ordinance merits further discussion. “The City isn’t in the business of telling people what to do with their property,” he said assuring the council an ordinance would be more helpful than regulatory in an effort to fill empty storefronts in the downtown corridor.

His comment came after Planner Elaine Kabala told the council members she would be going over the analysis and strategies from the EPA grant consultants who held workshops and meetings in the community earlier this spring. Interestingly, it also came after resident Steven Muchovej suggested some remedy for the too obviously empty shops on Main Street.

Tatum’s ordinance concept would provide assistance to property owners to fill those empty spaces with viable businesses.

Keeping City Park Family-Friendly

While there seemed to be some curiosity as to who was doing what in City Park, the purpose of an addition to the municipal code, according to Tatum, was to suspend those engaging in a list of bad behavior from the park for a cooling off period of up to a year, not to restrict people’s rights.

The ordinance would apply to Talmadge, Holland and City parks.

“There is currently no mechanism to deal with habitual offenders at the park,” he said. “This is an attempt to maintain a wholesome atmosphere.”

The ordinance passed.

Support for League of California Cities Resolutions

The Council gave the city’s representative to the League of California Cities’ general assembly meeting in mid-September direction on two resolutions. Bishop will support the League’s efforts to look at and resolve negative impacts of the state’s efforts to reduce prison populations and to give local entities more control over the parameters of emergency medical services.

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p ite
p ite
6 years ago

sounds to me some wealthy landlords are about to get a tax write off