Press release
Monday started the second week of the new school year for Bishop public schools.
The Bishop Police Department and the Bishop Unified School District offer these tips to make traveling to and from school as safe and healthy as possible:
Crosswalk and crossing guard
Tips for Parents:
 • Whether children walk, bike, ride the bus, or travel by car, parents should talk with
them about safely getting to and from school.
• Parents of children who walk or bike should make sure they take the safest routes to
school. The safest routes are shown on the attached map.
• Small children should be able to recite their name, address and phone number as
well as the names of their parents.
• Parents should insure that school records accurately reflect current contact
• Help reduce traffic congestion around schools and improve health by encouraging
your children to walk, bike, bus, or car pool to school if they can.
Tips for Drivers:
 • Traffic around the schools at the start and end of the school day is heavy. Allow
extra time to reach your destination. Even if you are late, don’t rush near the
• Obey speed limits, especially near schools.
• Pay attention and concentrate on driving safely. Don’t multitask while driving. Don’t
text. Don’t even talk on the phone around schools.
• Stop for school buses loading and unloading children.
• Obey crossing guards.
• Everyone wears seat belts or sits in car seats.
• Young and new drivers should be especially cautious.
Tips for Children Walking:
• Walk to school with an adult or older child if you aren’t ready to walk by yourself.
• Take a safe route to school (see attached map).
• Only cross Main Street and Line Street at traffic signals.
• Only cross Home Street where there is a crossing guard.
• Walk with friends.
• Pay attention to things and people around you.
• Wear bright clothes so drivers will see you better.
• Obey crossing guards. Tell them if you need help.
• Walk don’t run, especially in crosswalks and around cars.
Tips for Children on Bikes:
• Always wear a bicycle helmet, no matter how short the ride. The law requires
children under age 16 to wear a helmet.
• Ride on the right; in the same direction as traffic.
• Obey traffic lights and stop signs.
• Walk bikes in crosswalks.
• Wear bright clothes so drivers will see you better.
The Bishop Police Department will conduct ongoing enforcement in and around school zones for all traffic violations, particularly speeding, cell phone violations, and failing to follow instructions of the crossing guards.
For more information contact the Bishop Police Department at 760-873-5823 and the
Bishop Unified School District at 760-872-3680.

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