By Deb Murphy
Inyo County’s Adventure Trails pilot program has been limited to a scant three for the past year as staff has been working with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for an okay on the remaining four, all of which either begin or end on City lands, at least until January 1, 2017.
All that changed this week as the Board of Supervisors approved an item tucked away in Tuesday’s consent agenda. The final four have been liberated.
The item, number 21, simply states the board “authorizes the County Administrative Officer to sign an agreement with LADWP regarding the start point of four combined-use routes in the Bishop area that start at Brown’s Town and Pleasant Valley Campground.”
 “Just convened a meeting with about a dozen LADWP staff and attorneys and walked them through the documents the Board approved over a year ago and were able to demonstrate that those thoughtful approvals anticipated and addressed many of the Departments concerns. It was just a matter of making time for empathetic listening and responsive communication with the right people,” CAO Kevin Carunchio stated in an e-mail.
The agreement requires the County to work with LADWP “on implementation and monitoring and mitigation procedures to address” unanticipated impacts.” Inyo will have to meet LADWP’s insurance requirements and hold the City, the Department and nearly anyone connected with either harmless from any liability.

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