 The Eastern Sierra ATV Adventure Trails organization is proposing an ATV trail
system that will provide access from public lands, managed for ATV recreation, to
goods and services in our towns in Inyo County.

 Specific ATV combined use routes utilizing county and city streets have been
recommended and are presently being reviewed. This is a pilot program to evaluate
the impact on Inyo County.

 There will be an environmental assessment prepared and public comments will be
solicited at a future date before any ATV travel will be permitted on Inyo County
roads or city streets.

 Any county road or city street that may become a travel way for ATV access shall
require a licensed, insured operator, obeying traffic laws and speed limits.

 ATV travel on any public routes will be limited to daylight driving, maximum speed
35 mph.

 ATV recreation within towns and cities is not a new concept. It is widely used in
Utah, Arizona, North Dakota, and West Virginia to name a few.

 ATV use is a major recreation on Inyo County public lands.

Eastern Sierra ATV Adventure Trails
Dick Noles (760) 873-4519
Randy Gillespie (760) 920-1701

City of Bishop
Keith Caldwell (760) 873-5863
David Grah (760) 873-8458

County of Inyo
Courtney Smith (760) 878-0207
Elaine Kabala (760) 878-0382

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