Mammoth’s medical marijuana co-op owners still don’t feel safe from prosecution by the Mono District Attorney. One co-op


Local fears continue as DA waits for Attorney General’s update on medical marijuana.

owner says he wants a meeting with the DA and straight forward statements about the DA’s legal views.

Last week, Mono DA George Booth said he would make no statement on his legal views of medical marijuana stores. This after he had said he would issue a statement in two weeks. DA Booth said now he would wait for guidelines from new Attorney General Kamala Harris.

In the interim, public backlash to the DA’s focus on medical marijuana escalated with angry comments to websites and Facebook.

Steve Klassen of Green Mammoth said he is still concerned that the DA will try to shut him down and put him out of business. Klassen said, “If the DA disagrees with what I’m doing, he needs to tell me.” Klassen said from his point of view, he has a permit and is doing everything right. “I want a sit down meeting,” said Klassen. He said if the DA differs from his own attorney’s views and those of the Town of Mammoth, “we should know what it is.”

Meanwhile, the Attorney General has gone to work on new medical marijuana guidelines. The AG’s press office gave us a statement. They say that “The AG plans to review and update the medical marijuana guidelines issued in 2008 to ensure they address the concerns of law enforcement and local officials. Prior to issuing new guidelines,” the statement says, “the AG will convene law enforcement leaders and medical marijuana patient advocates to gain their feedback.”

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