As if AT&T were not irritating enough for the Eastern Sierra community in its transition from Alltell, the big wireless


AT&T placed their Mammoth store under a contractor several months ago.

corporation has now decided to shut down the service office in Bishop and re-open under an independent contractor as they did in Mammoth Lakes several months ago.

According to Stan Smith, leasing agent for the current AT&T space in Bishop, AT&T had decided to get out of the local office business and job it out to a contractor, similar to a franchise. AT&T officials reportedly walked into the Bishop store last Thursday and announced they would shut it down in 60 days and will immediately open a new space in Bishop under an independent contractor.

AT&T apparently made a corporate decision to free itself from daily headaches of running stores. Officials reportedly told workers in the Bishop AT&T store that they would be out of jobs at the end of 60 days but could “interview” for a job at the new location.

Most of the current workers stuck with AT&T through the very tough ordeal of the transition from Alltel to AT&T. Staff had to deal with less than adequate computer systems and often very angry customers. They even received bomb threats and other threats. AT&T will reward their loyalty and ability to hang in there with a pink slip.

For customers, service will continue, apparently with no interruption.


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