At Northern Inyo Hospital, Demolition Starts to Make Way for New Building

Almost 60 years later, the 1949 Northern Inyo Hospital building will fall to demolition crews. It’s a good thing, though, since removal of the old building will herald the start of construction of the new hospital building.

Georgan Stottlemyre of Northern Inyo Hospital marketing said that the demolition equipment has arrived and the work was scheduled to start around 7am Thursday. She said that the work will probably take a week or more, depending on patient or safety concerns. Stottlemyre said that if the wrecking crews interfere with any patient need, the work will stop.

As the demolition proceeds and the current Emergency Room entrance becomes unuseable, entry to the hospital and to the emergency room will be the main entrance of the hospital. That will definitely be the case by December 15th.

Last week, the construction management company, Turner, offered a computerized tour of the plans for the new building. The impressive tour shows tall glass windows along Line St. and a modern building with lots more space and organization for hospital functions – new operating rooms, patient rooms and many other facilities.

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