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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





MONO COURTHOUSEMono County Assessor Jody Henning handed in a letter of resignation at the end of May.  Today the Mono Supervisors were expected to talk about replacement of Henning and her assistant, Chris Lyon, who also resigned.

With the resignation of two top officials in one department, members of the public have asked if the Assessor’s office has problems.  At least one supervisor does not believe there are concerns.  Sierra Wave Media spoke to Supervisor Larry Johnston who referred us to Henning’s letter of resignation.  In that letter, Henning writes that she will resign effective June 28th to “pursue other professional opportunities.”

Henning says she was elected in 2008 and as a result the Assessor’s office, she said, is “more professional and accountable” to taxpayers.  Prior to Henning’s election, past Assessor Jim Lovett was the subject of a re-call election and a Grand Jury report.  He had faced accusations of drinking on the job and failure to come to work.  He was also arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in a county car.  Lovett retired, and Henning won the election.

The Mono Supervisors’ agenda says that officials will consider options of dealing with the two resignations.  They may consider re-organization and options for hiring and filling the vacancies.  Mono County did send out a job flyer for the Assistant Assessor job.

Supervisor Johnston said that he understands the tax roll is close to done and will soon be posted.”