Assault at the Village

Mammoth Police report the arrest of two young men for assault with hate crime enhancements. Early Sunday morning, just before closing time at the bars, Mammoth Police report that an African American male was assaulted by three white males who allegedly yelled racial slurs at the victim.

The two suspects arrested were 21 yeare old Anthony Saucedo of Mammoth Lakes and 21 year old Kevin Malburg, also of Mammoth.

Police report that witnesses told them that three white males were skateboarding down Minaret after leaving the Lakanuki Bar, when they fell off their skateboards. Witnesses report that several people started laughing at the three skateboarders as they lay in the street, according to police.

Police say that the victim, a black male, warned the three skateboarders about an oncoming car. The three suspects reportedly yelled a racial slur at the victim and assaulted him with their skateboards, and kicked and hit him while he was down, according to police.

Officers say that citizens intervened and chased the suspects as they fled. Police say that two suspects were caught by the citizens and handcuffed by Village Security until Mammoth Police arrived.

The victim was treated at Mammoth Hospital for a head injury.

A third suspect escaped. Police ask that anyone with any information on the identity of the third suspect should give them a call at 934-2011.



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