Arguments for School Bond Wanted

With state funds still uncertain, Bishop Elementary School officials decided to ask voters to support a bond measure to help improve school facilities.

It's called Measure A, and County Clerk Mary Roper made it known that Friday is the deadline to submit ballot arguments for or against that measure. The measure itself reads like this:

"To acquire, construct and improve Bishop elementary school facilities, including providing renewable energy improvements and funding major repairs so more money can be used in the classroom, shall the Bishop Union Elementary School District be authorized to issue $3,000,000 in bonds at interest rates not to exceed 12% with annual audits, a citizens' oversight committee, and no money for administrative salaries?"

Will the public be in the mood for its school district to go into debt? The Clerk wants to know if anyone wants to file a ballot argument for either side. If arguments are submitted, the opposite side will have a chance to write a rebuttal argument.

Initial statements are due at the Clerk's office, Friday, August 22nd at 5pm.

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