APCD, LADWP court update

usdistrictcourtAccording to the Los Angeles Daily Journal, a U.S. District judge in Fresno could issue an opinion “any day” on whether or not to dismiss the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power lawsuit against the Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control District and others.

Originally, LADWP filed suit against not only the APCD but also the EPA, BLM, State Lands Commission and State Air Board. Two weeks ago, LA dismissed all claims against the federal agencies. According to the Daily Journal, the Sate Attorney General’s office and the Great Basin say this suit should go to State Court.

The bottom line – DWP does not want to clean up any more of the Owens Dry Lake and the agency wants the court to strike down their signed dust clean-up agreement with APCD and the State Air Resources Board. They also want the court to say that the California Health and Safety Code which protects air quality here is violating the constitutional rights of LA people.

Great Basin Director Ted Schade maintains that he has laws and agreements to follow and that’s what he is doing. LADWP’s Marty Adams is quoted in the Daily Journal as saying that the cost of the dust control measures amounts to 15% of ratepayers’ monthly bills.

Schade’s order for LADWP to clean up 2.9 square miles more, according to the requirements of a signed agreement, sent DWP over the edge. Officials say it will cost $400 million more. LA accuses Great Basin of abuse of power along with the State Air Board. DWP officials have said they want the State Lands Commission to pay for some of the dust problem. LA has also claimed that the remaining dust is caused by something other than drying up Owens Lake.


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Philip Anaya
Philip Anaya
8 years ago

Eolian: (adjective), borne ,deposited,produced or eroded by the wind: for 75 plus years in our Inyo. Particulars are transported and deposited north, south, east and west and then north ,south ,east and west, again and again and again. Maybe M.Adams is the financial expert of the DWP and there is someone else there who knows that “you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. Those people should have been speaking to one another so that the Lake should not have been denuded of it’s water in the first place.
15% of my DWP bill is about $25 to $50 bucks a month, not to mention what it costs for Owens Valley Dry Lake Bread and I’m still looking for that recipe. Is there hope or help anywhere? What’s my share of $400 million?
I thought today was all about the Jesuit and the Chinaman, new leaders of the most populus groups in world history and the there’s Ted Schade and the billion billion particles blowing in the wind grabbing the headlines.

Thank you Ted Schade and the Great Basin APCD for honoring agreements , following the law and giving the LADWP lessons to improve their home here in the Inyo and giving me and everyone a chance to get a good breath.