Another Schat's Bakery in the works. This time in Minden, Nevada, and this time, according to Minden City administrative personnel, it's Paul Schat who will do the baking.

News sources in Nevada recently reported that a Minden, Nevada landmark will become home to a casino, bakery, museum and day spa. The former C.O.D. Garage on the main drag incod_garage.jpg Minden will house C.O.D. Casino, as approved by Nevada officials. The automotive garage had opened in 1911 and was one of the oldest continuously operated commercial garages in the country when it closed in 2003.

The garage building also housed one of the oldest Chevrolet and Buick franchises in the nation. The former garage owners are reportedly teaming up with casino owner Scott Tate to develop the project, according to KOLO-TV news.

Reports say that plans call for a 14,303 square foot casino, a 3,540 square foot Schat's Bakery and other 4,000 square feet for a museum and day spa. Plans call for opening the new casino in something like two years.

Locally, both Erick and Shea Schat confirmed that they are not the ones opening the Minden bakery. We have placed calls to Paul Schat and were informed by Minden administrative officials that they understand Paul Schat will open the bakery in this new project. If so, Schat's Bakeries will sell pastries and bread from Bishop to Mammoth to Minden.

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