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Eastern Sierra News for June 18, 2024





A disaster narrowly averted Saturday, as three anglers fell through the ice of Lake Sabrina. According to Patti Apted, who runs the Lake Sabrina Boat Landing along with her husband Rick, the anglers had been out on the ice all day and were walking back from the inlet around 5:30 in the evening.

Three anglers fell through, the fourth went for help. Rick Apted at the Boat Landing grabbed a rope to help, the angler grabbed an aspen branch, and the fishermen were pulled to safety.

Another angler went through the ice twice, once on Friday while checking out the open water, and again on Saturday trying to break a new hole through the ice, according to Apted.

With temperatures in the mid 50s, Patti Apted reports that some fishermen had said that the ice didnt feel right. Apted says that she and her husband wont be walking on the ice anymore this year.

According to their website, , there wont be much ice fishing this week, but there is open water around the shore of the lake where you can cast your lines.