IFIFDepartment of Water and Power crews clear-cut acres to the east of Independence between a residential area and the tree lot.  It is supposed to be what is called the “Independence Re-greening Project” as an enhancement/ mitigation measure required in the signing of the Long Term Water Agreement.  Residents were upset that the desert plants and animals established in that area were uprooted.  One homeowner in particular woke up to roof damage, he said, because DWP removed a wind break of vegetation to the north.
Said Andrew Kirk, “It has been about one month since the DWP crews cleared out the windbreak to the north of my house. I built my garage back in 2003. It has endured plenty of wind events since then with no damage. But this morning – without the windbreak – my carport lost about one-half of its roof.”
The wind also created a large dust event since nothing so far has greened up to hold the dust own.


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