As the temperature drops and the snow accumulates, AmeriGas wants to make sure people stay safe and warm in the Eastern Sierra with these propane safety tips:

General Safety Tips: 

  • Keep Driveways Clear of Snow and Ice – To ensure safe access to your propane tank, please keep snow and ice cleared from your driveway and sand all inclines. A propane delivery truck is approximately two feet wider than a passenger car and much taller, so please keep the trees/bushes that line your driveway trimmed, including low-hanging branches. If a delivery driver is unable to navigate your driveway without obstruction, your tank might not get filled, which could result in a special delivery/trip charge and/or you running out of gas.
  • Keep Equipment Clear of Snow and Ice – To prevent a gas leak, please keep your propane tank, equipment and piping clear of snow and ice accumulation. The weight of these elements could eventually break gas connections.
  • Keep Gas Appliance Vents Clear of Snow and Ice – To avoid gas fumes from becoming trapped in your home, please make sure that your chimney and rooftop, as well as all gas appliances vented through the roof or walls remain clear of snow and ice. Should snow or ice cover a vent, the appliance may stop operating.

Special Tips for Seasonal and Vacation Home Owners:

  • Due to varying propane usage in weekend/vacation homes, AmeriGas is not aware when the home is in use. So, if homeowners leave their weekend/vacation homes unattended at any time during the year, please take special precautions for monitoring your propane level. For example, ask a year-round neighbor to check the gauge on your propane tank. When the percentage falls below 30%, call for a delivery. If there is no gauge on the tank, call if temperatures are colder than normal and/or your propane usage increases.

Special Tips for Will-Call Customers:

  • Homeowners who keep track of the propane in their tank and call for deliveries should know that by law, AmeriGas must perform a gas line leak check any time the gas flow is interrupted. This includes all out-of-gas situations.  As a will-call customer, please regularly monitor your gas tank gauge reading. Call AmeriGas to schedule a delivery when the percentage falls below 30% to avoid running out of gas.

“Safety is a core value at AmeriGas and our number one priority” said Levi Mele, district manager, Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, CA, for AmeriGas. “As a community partner, we invest in the places where our customers work, live and play. From supporting and providing safety training to local fire departments, to educating home and business owners how to protect their propane tanks and meters from the elements, to providing generators and propane that can keep vital services and businesses online during rolling blackouts, AmeriGas is committed to being a good neighbor in the Eastern Sierra.

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