mammothairIn the past, air quality in Mammoth Lakes fell below standards from woodsmoke and road cinders. Major work by the Town and Air Pollution Control District cleaned things up, but it’s an annual job.

Town officials have sent out a bulletin to ask locals and visitors to do their part. Bottom line – wood smoke from fireplaces and stoves does not dissipate during periods of clear, cold and calm weather with minimal breeze. That’s when air quality takes a dive.

Officials ask that you only burn clean and hot fires, check your chimney periodically for emissions. If smoke is clearly visible, then your fire needs more air, the wood is not dry enough or the wood is not split small eough.

You can check out no wood burning days and restrictions. Call 760-934-1010. At last check, air quality was good and no restrictions in place, but that can change.

An Air Pollution Control Monitor on top of buildings at the Gateway Center does keep track of actual air quality in town.

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