Accidents: Pine Creek Road, 395 at Oak Creek, and Badwater Road

We reported earlier this week that deer have started to migrate and that means danger on our roadways. An accident on Pine Creek Road in Rovana proved the point.

The Highway Patrol said a 17-year-old girl from Bishop was at the wheel of a 1990 Ford pick-up on Pine Creek Road when a deer ran into the roadway. It was about 7:30 Wednesday morning. The girl tried to avoid a collision with the deer. She turned her pickup to the right and off the road, then over-corrected turning to the left where the truck rolled over four times. It landed 30 feet north of Pine Creek Road. Symons Ambulance transported the teenager to Northern Inyo Hospital with minor injuries.

Another accident left a Santa Monica woman with minor injuries north of Independence at about noon on Wednesday. The Highway Patrol said that 48-year-old Shelli Peyton of Santa Monica was driving an SUV south on 395 near Fish Hatchery Road.

The CHP said that the woman told them a truck pulling a trailer southbound in front of her started to weave into her lane. She said she tried to avoid a collision by turning her vehicle to the left and then over-correcting to the right. The SUV went off the highway and rolled onto the dirt shoulder and then onto Oak Creek Road. The woman declined medical help for scrapes on her arm.

On Tuesday afternoon, a tour bus carrying a number of people from France and other locales crashed on Badwater Road south of Highway 190. A Phoenix man was at the wheel of the tour bus that carried 34 passengers. The CHP said that the driver was “distracted reaching for a beverage and made an unsafe turning movement.”

Officers said the driver veered off the west side of the road, traveled about 900 feet before returning to the roadway and coming to a stop. Officers said that the driver and seven of the passengers were injured – three with moderate injuries and four with minor injuries. Six of the injured were from France. The other injured was from Florida.

They were all transported to University Medical Center in Las Vegas.


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