Accident at Wye Road

Emergency workers raced out to the Wye in Bishop this morning for what appeared to be a bad accident between a Caltrans utility van and a green Honda. Highway Patrol Officers report that 23 year old Michael Martin of Bishop was driving a green Honda Civic southbound on 395. He planned to make a left turn onto Wye Rd., but the early morning sun made seeing difficult.

Officers report that the driver did see the oncoming Caltrans utility van at the last second, when a building blocked the sun, but it was too late. The driver of the Caltrans utility van was travelling at 30-35 mph and attempted to brake, officers report.

The Honda Civic was totaled. The driver, Martin, was taken to Northern Inyo Hospital with injuries listed as minor, according to the CHP officers.

This intersection was cited by Bishop’s Police Chief as one of the key problem areas for accidents.


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