A taste of real life for 5th graders, courtesy of Bishop Rotarians

Press release

Rotarians give the end of year 5th grade Literacy Program kids a pizza party

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Bishop and 5th grade teachers, Carmen London, Becky Rose and Meghan Avila, the Financial Literacy Program was a success.

Back Row:  Teachers Carmen London, Becky Rosen, Rotarian Patricia Ellis, and teacher Meghan Avila
Front: Rotarians DeEtte Johnson, Randy Van Tassell and Charlie Waldriff/Photo courtesy of Pat Nahin

This program was started in 2014 by Rotarians Sue Lyndes and Josh Ingram.  DeEtte Johnston and Robert Atlee were there at the start of the program and continue to donate their time to organize and participate in this worthwhile class.

A brief over-view of the 5th grade literacy program:

Students will be earning and spending money throughout the year. Each student will be assigned a job, receive a monthly salary, and pay rent for their desks.

Salaries are not enough to pay rent, so they can earn bonus money for completing certain tasks.  A regular schedule is set up and a club member will bring a store to the school where students can use their “Rotary” dollars to purchase various items.

Bonuses can be earned by keeping a tidy desk, completing 100% of homework assignments, earning 90 – 100% on class tests, – in all, 8 different ways to earn extra money.

Fines are incurred for such things as being late to school, missing homework, and rudeness.  No one will ever lose their desk, or be fired!  Teachers supervise each class.



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4 years ago

Will laugh when some kid figures out how to run a side business on company time that nets more. “Sure, I get Cs, refuse to do my job, and have a smart mouth. I got the whole class’ Rotary dollars from running my own store before Rotary got here. Now… Read more »