A statement from Mojave Precious Metals (“MPM”) on Town Hall and Open House

Mojave Precious Metals, Inc. Press Release

Press Release, April 6, 2021 –All statements can be attributed to Kit Cole, MPM spokesperson

Mojave Precious Metals (“MPM”) welcomes all opportunities to discuss our exploration project and its future.

To that end, we have held two public events – a virtual Town Hall on March 24 and an in-person (COVID safe) Open House on March 31 at our office in Lone Pine.

MPM was pleased to welcome hundreds of participants at our virtual Town Hall on March 24. Owing to the size of the audience and the short time allotted, we were unable to recognize all individual participants. And, because we also received dozens of questions from participants that were similar – both before and during the event – we aggregated many of these questions so we could cover as much ground as possible.

Mojave Precious Metal, Inc., is welcome by the Bishop Chamber of Commerce at Open House on March 31st 

We were happy to answer many direct and pointed questions about the future of our project during the virtual Town Hall and will continue to do so.

Fifth District Supervisor Matt Kingsley, Lone Pine Chamber Executive Director Kathleen New, and Dave Mull, Owner of Dave’s Napa Auto Parts enjoy food provided at Open House

We also held an in person, COVID safe, Open House on March 31 at our offices in Lone Pine, which drew both interested parties and vocal opponents of our project.

We were happy to welcome all Open House attendees and MPM’s Vice President of Exploration Jodie Gibson and Geologist, Katie VonSydow, answered all questions in real time.

We welcome members of the public to come by our office next door to the Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce and ask your questions directly of the MPM staff.  You can also call us at 760-614-5605.

We will have more virtual get-togethers and in-person get togethers in the coming months and will publicize those events so that as many community members as possible can participate.

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Jane McDonald
Jane McDonald
1 year ago

It was heartwarming to see so many residents of Inyo County standing together on zoom last month to oppose this company’s disturbing actions in Southern Inyo County. It seems like the Chambers of Commerce are very out of step with residents on this issue- most residents seem to clearly understand… Read more »

as transparent as a mine shaft
as transparent as a mine shaft
1 year ago

“We were happy to answer many direct and pointed questions”

LOL! Then why were the questions curated? Why did they delete the video of the town hall along with all the community questions from the Facebook page?

1 year ago

So gross to see our Chamber of Commerce and elected reps welcoming this company with open arms. I mean, I think we all know they only care about enriching themselves, but to see it presented starkly in these photos is unnerving.