A Grass Roots Push to Save Boating at Klondike

"DWP has taken enough away from us. They can't take Klondike, too." That's what one woman said. Her family recreates at the small, peaceful lake every summer. This year, DWP has posed a ban on jet skis and other watercraft because of the cost to inspect boats for the pest, quagga mussels. klondike_lake__boat.jpg

Bishop residents, Tim Barnes and his wife, Annette, spend many days at Klondike with family and friends. They decided not to sit still with the news that DWP would ban boats.

The Barnes' point to the local economy and the major role Klondike plays. People from Mammoth, Bishop and the Owens Valley buy food, fuel, ice and other supplies to recreate at Klondike. It's also a major part of their summer lives.

Barnes and others launched petition efforts. They believe they have already gathered several hundred names. There are also plans to meet with DWP to discuss some type of boat inspection program. Currently, the plan to ban motorized boats will start May 15th.

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