Several Dogs Seized From Local Family By Inyo County Animal Services

On Thursday May 12, Inyo County Animal Services received a report that a local family was breeding French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs to sell, which is in violation of Inyo County Ordnances limiting residentially zones properties to no more than four dogs unless the owners have obtained a conditional use permit to acquire a kennel license (8.20.040), and prohibits commercial breeding (18.78.310 (A)(2)).  Additionally, the dogs were reported to have a variety of health problems, and the owners were ignoring veterinary advice to address the ailments and conditions.

 Animal Services conducted a welfare check that afternoon, during which they identified a large number of dogs kept in tiny wire cages with no flooring to stand on except wire, cages full of feces, and poor ventilation which resulted in a horrible stench in the room.

 The following day, Animal Services obtained a search warrant and returned to the property to seize nine dogs. All dogs required medical attention.


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Rodney Dominguez
Rodney Dominguez
28 days ago

So stoked they were caught! I just wish the law allowed them to spend time in jail.
I believe they were advertising the pups on social media, morons!
Backyard breeders are messed up human beings and partially responsible for the well over 600,00 dogs euthanized every year in America.

mono resident
mono resident
26 days ago

Jail? Nah – put them in wire floored cages in an unventilated room and let them live in their own feces.