Downtown Bishop

The biggest take-away from a review of Bishop’s proposed sign ordinance: eventually there will be uniformity in the downtown corridor. The ordinance provides guidelines and recommendations in compliance with the City’s efforts to revitalize Main Street. If there is any confusion regarding what is and is not allowed, that can be cleared up at the permitting process, also included in the new regulations.

Here are the “Do’s:”
 The scale, size and shape of signage should be proportionate to the building and the area in
which it is located and should not obscure architectural features.
 Signage should provide an artistic accent or visual point of interest for the building.
 Signs should be integrated with the design of other signage on or near the same building.
 The design and alignment of signs on multi-use buildings should be complementary, but not
uniform or duplicative.
 Appropriate materials include wood, tile, formed, etched or cast metal or decorative iron
brackets or wood.
 Background colors should be muted or natural tones with bright colors reserved for
lettering, trim, accents or logos.
 Three-dimensional, textured surfaces are encouraged.
 There will be specific standards and regs applied to sign illumination.

Now, the “Don’ts:”
 The total square footage cannot exceed two square feet for each three linear feet of
business frontage with a maximum of 250 sq. ft.
 Advertising statuary

 Moving images that blink, flash, shimmer, glitter, rotate, oscillate or move, or give the
appearance of any of the above
 Animated signs and commercial mascots
 Electronic message signs with controlled rotating messages on a schedule that changes copy
more than four times in a 24-hour period.
 Ground-mounted signs placed in the public right-of-way
 High reflective or fluorescent signs
 Off-site signs
 Signs posted on trees, utility poles, light posts, etc.
 Signs that interfere with entry or exit from doors, windows, fire escapes or parking lots
 Signs that imitate traffic sign or signal or use words, symbols or characters that interfere
with, mislead or confuse pedestrian or vehicular traffic
 Vehicles used for general signage parked in a way to display the commercial message

This will be the first reading of the ordinance. In addition, a public hearing will be held on a
proposed ordinance regulating the height and set-backs of Accessory Dwelling Units.

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