Beginning April 27 All Boats Entering Crowley Lake Will Be Inspected For Invasie Quagga Mussels

To keep our waterways safe from the spread of invasive quagga mussels, all boats entering Crowley Lake will be inspected. Boats showing signs of contamination, or found to contain any water or debris that could harbor mussels will not be allowed to launch. Boats that have tags from last season, do not need to be re-inspected as long as the original tag has not been broken or tampered with.
Inspections begin April 27, 2022. After Saturday, April 30, all boat inspections will occur during the normal business hours at Crowley Lake.
LADWP will take additional measures to protect boat owners and employees as needed by following any COVID-19 restrictions.
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1 year ago

It’s only a matter of time before Quagga Mussel’s clog the aqua duct and make water much more expensive for Los Angeles