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Eastern Sierra News for June 22, 2024







The Mammoth Lakes Police Department is reminding all
visitors and residents to follow Town parking laws and signage. Mammoth Lakes is experiencing record visitation, which is impacting available parking, especially near busy ski lifts areas such as Canyon Lodge and the Village at Mammoth. Parking Enforcement Officers are patrolling and issuing citations daily.

You can avoid receiving a parking citation by:
• Not parking at the Lakes Basin’s closed gate at the east end of Lake Mary Rd. unless all 4 of your tires are on dirt/off pavement. Alternatives to accessing recreation in the Lakes Basin during the winter might be taking the Orange Line Shuttle Bus or having someone drop you off. Parking illegally at this gate also impedes emergency vehicle access.
• Not parking in the “No Parking Zones” on Highway 203, Minaret Rd., Meridian Blvd. near Eagle Lodge and on Hillside Dr., Rainbow Ln., Lakeview Blvd., and Davison Rd. near Canyon Lodge and the Village at Mammoth.
• Leaving the “Handicap” spaces for drivers with Disabled Person Parking Placards and Plates.
• Parking facing the correct direction of travel.
• Only parking in designated spaces while in Shady Rest Park.
• Not blocking fire hydrants or fire lanes.

Since November 1, 2021, MLPD has issued 396 parking citations with 256 of these
being on roads leading to Canyon Lodge. Parking citations can be paid online at