Inyo Board Of Supervisors Vote 3-2 To Accept Redistricting Map 4 For County



With a 3-2 vote, the Inyo County Board of Supervisors approved a redistricting map that splits a community in West Bishop and results in a 9.67% deviation in population, just a hair below the recommended 10%. Supervisors Dan Totheroh and Jeff Griffiths were the dissenting votes following a long discussion at Tuesday’s Board meeting.

The changes went into effect immediately and will be reflected in the 2022 election for
Supervisorial seats in Districts 1 and 3. The approved plan, identified as Map 4 on the County
website, was submitted by Bishop resident Josh Nicholson.

With the adoption of the new map, the Fort Independence Indian Reservation stays in
District 5 with the community of Independence. However there will have to be an explanation
as to why the map splits the Manor Market community in West Bishop between Districts 3 and

Districts 1 and 4 will have the most significant changes. The communities of Starlight
and Aspendell will end up in District 4. District 1 will pick up population blocks in northwest

Prior to redistricting, District 4 included the middle of Inyo County, from Wilkerson to
Independence. With the new district map, the district stops north of Independence.

When it came to decision time, Totheroh opted for 8a, the plan preferred by staff with
Starlight and Aspendell staying in District 1. Griffiths and Supervisor Rick Pucci went with 3,
staff’s third pick and Supervisors Matt Kinsgley and Jennifer Roeser preferred Map 4.
Roeser moved to choose Map 4, Kingsley seconded the motion. Pucci was the third vote.

NOTE: All the maps are available on the County website at Draft Redistricting Maps | Inyo County California. The full staff report is included in Tuesday’s December 14, 2021 agenda packet under Timed Items at 11:05.

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Lumpah Coal
Lumpah Coal
1 year ago

All I want for Christmas is not to have Jen Roeser representing my district. Please, Santa! Don’t let the history whitewasher represent me.

1 year ago

I would like to welcome both Fort Independence and the town of Independence to the 5th district. We get a little lonely out in the 5th so happy to have you join us.