Swearing in Ceremony for the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Inyo County District Supervisors

Please dress appropriately as befitting this solemn occasion with formal stockings and powdered wig. Wear a mask or face covering if attending in-person.  Practice social distancing. And wash your hands!

The Inyo County Clerk/Recorder & Registrar of Voters Office would like to inform the public that there will be a Virtual Swearing in Ceremony for the following elected offices:

Supervisor, 2nd District – JEFF Griffiths!

Supervisor, 4th District – Jen Roeser 

Supervisor, 5th District – Matt Kingsley

…on Monday, January 4th at Noon.

The public is welcome to attend.

Election volunteer had heart attack and died

Enjoy cupcake, cookies, or a sweet of your choice to celebrate the elected officials at the Inyo County Courthouse in Independence, Calif.

Where: The Inyo County Courthouse.

Immediately following the ceremony, the Supervisors will say a few words and there will be time for the public to virtually socialize with the Supervisors. Please have a cupcake, cookie, or a sweet of your choice to celebrate their swearing in.

Visit https://elections.inyocounty.us/news/ for the Zoom link to access the Virtual Swearing in Ceremony or email [email protected]. Please contact the Inyo County Clerk/Recorder & Registrar of Voters office at 760-878-0224 with questions.

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Nick S.
Nick S.
2 years ago

I know that politicians like to broaden their appeal but did Jeff really have to change his name to Dave? I thought he had a pretty solid brand. Otherwise this appears to be an editing issue.

Charles James
2 years ago
Reply to  Nick S.

Nick! Thanks for the catch! You’re not the first that I’ve heard from today about it! Must be that “Covid-brain-thing” as my fellow writer Deb Murphy calls it. My apologies to Jeff…and my thanks again to you for pointing out the error. And NO, this had nothing to do with… Read more »