Tagging in Bridgeport

CHP Bishop Inland Communications Center received call about male adult “tagging” buildings Long Valley (near Crowley Lake). Driver stopped and arrested for DUI.

On Sunday August 9, 2020, at approximately 4:15 pm, CHP Bishop Inland Communications Center received a call from a citizen reporting a male adult “tagging” buildings adjacent to US-395 in Long Valley (near Crowley Lake). The reporting party provided a detailed description of the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle fleeing the scene on US-395 northbound.

At approximately 5:00 pm, a CHP Officer was stopped on the right shoulder of US-395 in Bridgeport when the Officer observed a vehicle and driver matching the reporting party’s description. The driver of the suspect vehicle appeared to waive at the Officer.

Mono County Sheriff Deputies were also in the area. CHP Officers and Mono County Sheriff deputies conducted an enforcement stop on the vehicle on SR-182 northbound just south of Sierra Street. Officers observed spray paint cans on the right rear floorboard of the suspect’s vehicle.

Mono County Sheriff Deputies spoke with the driver regarding the paint cans and the driver admitted to tagging the buildings. The driver exhibited objective signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug intoxication.

Following a DUI investigation, CHP Officers placed the driver under arrest for DUI and felony vandalism. Thanks to vigilant community members and cooperation between local Law Enforcement agencies the suspect was apprehended for crimes committed against our community.

[Update 9/04/2020: The driver has been identified as Roark Fuller, a 24-year-old, who was arrested on charges of DUI (Alcohol & Drugs) and 594B1-Felony Vandalism]

Remember, when reporting incidents always think of your safety first. Obtain a detailed description of the suspect and the suspect’s vehicle as well as a license plate. We appreciate your help.

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