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July 28, 2020 Article by Deb Murphy

Inyo Clerk/ Recorder Kammi Foote

Attorney General William Barr testified before the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday. During the course of a broad-ranging grilling, Barr came up with an election scenario that was truly frightening.

Barr’s scenario: a foreign entity floods the November 3rd election with fake ballots.

According to Inyo County’s Registrar of Voters Kammi Foot, California and other states have expanded voting possibilities in light of on-going COVID-19 issues. In addition to mail-in ballots and in-person voting, registered voters can request downloadable e-mail ballots.  The result: there will be multiple ballots available for every voter, Foote stated in an e-mail.

Since the Registrar counts the first ballot received, hypothetically, a voter could show up at the polls, think they are casting a valid ballot only to have that vote not count because a foreign entity already voted for them. It boggles the mind.

As Foote stated, “‘if an election office was targeted in this way, it could cast doubt on any vote cast in that jurisdiction.”

“I think the safest way to vote,” Foote continued,“ is either with the mailed ballot or in-person. If voters don’t trust that the post office will return their ballot on time, or if they are concerned about the integrity of the mailed ballot process, they can walk their ballot into the elections office or any polling location on election day. All voters in Inyo County will be using hand-marked paper ballots and we are planning on conducting a Risk Limiting Post Election Audit. I don’t want to take any chances.”

All five traditional polling places will be available November 3.

Another safeguard is available. Voters can track the status of their mailed-in ballots by signing up with BallotTrax. Voters can get text or e-mail notifications of where their ballots are in the process. If a ballot is checked in for you and you haven’t voted, you would be notified immediately.

So, Russia, if you’re listening, don’t mess with Inyo County.





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