Recent COVID-19 Cases prevent Mono County Moving Fully into Stage 2

It will, no doubt, come as a great disappointment to everyone that would like to see their lives return to some semblance of “normalcy” that the six recent cases of COVID-19 will delay the county’s reopening. A lot of business owners want to reopen and resume their livelihood.  Most employees want to go back to work. Some kids would like to be able to go out and simply play with their friends again. This latest setback, with the summer season just around the corner, will no doubt frustrate everyone hoping for the local economy reopen soon.

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2 years ago

We have so many people in stores without masks. That person may feel invincible but what about the people they come into contact with. Its like a job, do it right the first time and it wont have to be redone. I know the work habit of some of those… Read more »