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Did you grow up sewing, wood working, or tinkering with small engines? Local youth need you! Do you have a hobby you would like to share? You do not need to be an expert to be a volunteer. 4-H is unique in its pursuit of effective youth-adult partnerships. As a volunteer, you will partner with youth to discover their passions, and foster education around those passions.

Citizenship Project

Citizenship project, led by Kammi Foote: Kammi Foote, Natalie Blakey, Tylar Banta, Arissa Thompson

Volunteer leaders are a key component of the 4-H program, which focuses on citizenship, leadership, and life skills development using a “learn-by-doing” educational model. Youth are encouraged to experiment, innovate and think independently through projects with topics as varied as rocketry, GPS, photography, and animal husbandry.

Are you interested in becoming a 4-H volunteer or know of someone who is? Here are a few projects we are seeking leaders for:

Shooting Sports: Shotgun, Hunter’s Safety:  the 4-H shooting sports program provides instruction in the safe handling of firearms while developing self-confidence and leadership abilities in 4-H participants.

Bee keeping project, led by Leif Arnsten: Samantha Burns

Bee keeping project, led by Leif Arnsten: Samantha Burns

Adults wishing to lead a shooting sport project must be currently enrolled as a 4-H shooting sports adult volunteer and must be certified by the California 4-H Shooting Sports Committee in the discipline they teach. The Inyo County 4-H Council is looking for a leader willing to sign up as a 4-H volunteer, attend a training, and teach a shotgun or hunter’s safety 4-H project in the upcoming 4-H year. In return, travel expenses and training costs will be reimbursed.

Sewing: all levels:  lead a quilting or sewing project to teach sewing skills and inspire youth to learn how to make and create something useful. Also looking for someone to lead a project in making the 4-H uniform. 4-H can provide sewing machines and a place to meet.

Cooking/ Nutrition:  childhood obesity is the biggest threat facing our youth’s health today. Step up and fight back by helping teach a healthy cooking project.  Many resources are available in the 4-H library, including lesson plans, healthy recipes, and more.

Environmental Sciences:  lead a project that involves bird watching in your local neighborhood, Environmental stewards & partners or wildlife education. Get out in our diverse public lands and explore what our environment has to offer.

Do you have another idea for a project! Do you have questions about being a leader? Great! Talk to Callie Peek at the 4-H Office.

Sounds like a lot of work. It’s not! Projects should be a minimum of 6 hours of project instruction. They can always be more. Not sure how to structure your project, we have curriculum at the 4-H office.

To assist our new volunteers, we offer a basic 4-H volunteer training and a comprehensive 4-H curriculum library to assist with planning your project. To receive an application, contact Callie Peek, 4-H Program Representative, at the 4-H Office 760-873-7854, or email [email protected].

4-H is a program of the University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) which is a collaboration between federal, state, and county governments. For more information, visit

http://ceinyo-mono.ucdavis.edu or www.ca4h.org.


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