18 People Apply for Appointment to Inyo Water Commission

watercommissionThe Inyo Water Commission had lingered in a near-death state until members of the public re-affirmed their need for the appointed body. With three vacancies on the commission, now 18 people have filed applications for appointment.

At an earlier meeting, some members of the public told three remaining Water Commission members that they need to “ask the hard questions” about DWP and the water agreement and “develop their connection with the public.”

Since the 1980s, Boards of Supervisors have appointed go along, diplomatic people who have not pursued the hard issues or made waves over water disputes. Even though past water directors said DWP has violated the Long Term Water Agreement at least a dozen times, there have been no recommendations from the Commission to the Supervisors.

Resolution 99-43 sets down the duties of the Water Commission. Their responsibilities include continuous review of the water agreement, meetings to inform the public about water issues and to solicit public opinion, evaluation of environmental impacts regarding water

These people handed in applications for appointment to the Inyo Water Commission:

From Bishop – Daniel Pritchett, George Sligher, Karen Wilson, Sally Symons, Harry Williams, Sally Manning, Doris Grimm, Daris Moxley, Bob Barker and Robin Fisher. From Big Pine, Michael Carrington. From Lone Pine, Russ Monroe, Daniel Smith and Michael Prather. From Independence, Rosemary Masters and Nina Weissmann. From Olancha, Troy Patton, and from Simi Valley, Debbie Gainey.

Water Director Bob Harrington will bring this appointment issue to the Inyo Supervisors. The Water Department said there is no set date yet.

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