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Bike helmet damaged during accident with car

Mammoth Lakes Police Department reported a terrible accident with a vehicle versus bicyclist near the Village on Wednesday, June 16. According to MLPD, the vehicle was pulling out of a private parking lot making a lawful right hand turn on to Minaret when a child, who was riding their bicycle on the wrong side of the road, collided with the vehicle. The child is currently in stable condition at Mammoth Hospital. This is another reminder to practice bicycle safety, follow the rules of the road, always assume that cars cannot see you, and share these lessons with your family.

Bicycling is especially popular during warmer months, especially during the summer. Many communities have bikes available for free use or a fee. The bike itself should be in good working order and safe to ride, but it’s the rider who needs to bring commonsense and safety awareness while using the bike. MLPD offered the following advice:

Bicycle rules of the road MLPD

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