War Protest in Bishop

Monday marked the four year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. As support for this war diminishes, people around the country marched in protest against the war and Bishop was no different. A good size crowd gathered in Bishop City Park on Sunday to protest this decreasingly popular war.

After a number of people spoke out against the war in the park, the crowd started a peace march down Main Street. People of all ages, many carrying anti-war signs, walked to Line Street and back to the park.

One young marcher carried a sign that read War is not the solution. Others’ signs that read two billion a week for war and millions for war pennies for kids, took on the ballooning costs of the war. Other people carried signs that called for the impeachment of the president and another still called for the troops to come home.

In past anti-war marches in Bishop, the protesters received more negative feedback than they did on Sunday. While there were a small number of obscene gestures pointed at the marchers by people driving by, they were outnumbered by people waving and honking their horns in support.

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