Village at Mammoth Owners/Tenants Reach Agreement

Village at Mammoth owners and tenants have reached an agreement which attorney Rick Wood says will resolve the "landlord-tenant disputes of a year or more." He made it clear that the specific terms of the accord are confidential.village_at_mammoth.jpg

Wood said that as a result of the agreement, the parties "can work through the differences toward a long term resolution of issues at the Village."

Wood went further and said that this interim agreement provides the parties "an opportunity to work on a resolution that is larger than the issues – sustainability."

The point of unity offers, in Woods' view, the ability to talk and freely exchange thoughts on how to make the Village work. "It's geared toward success instead of a stand-off and the threat of unlawful detainer hanging over our heads."

For more than a year, tenants at the Village had major concerns over rents and other issues. They described their goal as the search for a livable arrangement to stay in business.

Now, CNL, the owner of the Village, and Starwood, owner of Mammoth Mountain, will have a clear path for their negotiations over the possible sale of the Village to Starwood.

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