Vagabond Inn rebuilds

Photo by Bill LeFever

Photo by Bill LeFever

In mid-August, fire broke out on the backside of the Vagabond Inn on North Main Street in Bishop. Guests were evacuated. Now, owners of the Inn are at work on major renovation of some 50 rooms that were severely damaged from the flames.

An unidentified spokesman at the Vagabond said that 50 rooms, which include 43 guest rooms and 5 utility rooms, are undergoing major renovations. 30 rooms remain available for

Photo of back of motel by Ron Alexander

Photo of back of motel by Ron Alexander

rental. The spokesman said that the backside of the Vagabond will be re-built by next May. Clean-up continues right now as well as the beginning of some reconstruction.

The reported cause of the fire was an old electrical panel, according to spokesmen, from one of the utility rooms.

It was August 14th when numerous people called to report smoke at the Vagabond. When firefighters arrived, they said multiple units of the motel were on fire. Firefighters from Big Pine, Independence, Mammoth Lakes, Bishop and multiple agencies responded.

The Salvation Army set up a shelter. The Post Office helped those from out of the country get new passports so they could travel on. Once firefighters got flames out and the smoke had cleared, reports indicated an estimated monetary loss in the millions. Now, the structure will be rebuilt.

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