Vaccinations Available as Flu Season Begins

With flu season underway, Inyo Health officials suggest not giving the gift of sickness this holiday season. Staff continues to offer free flu vaccinations to those who want the extra protection.

dr_johnson_heat.jpgInyo Mono Health Officer Dr. Rick Johnson reports that early indications are the the flu season has begun, with most states reporting sporadic activity, and several states low activity. According to Dr. Johnson, a new Google site that claims to be able to predict the beginning of the annual flu epidemic two weeks earlier than the Center for Disease Control is showing an increase in activity in the Southeastern US.

Since it takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect and the holidays are near, Dr. Johnson suggests that now is the time for the flu shot.

Each year before the flu season starts, doctors try to match the vaccine with the strain of flu that is anticipated to strike in the year ahead. Dr. Johnson says that the vaccine this year appears to be an excellent match for the cases that have occurred so far this flu season.

Health officials say that even though people believe they never get the flu, people do get infected but dont know it. The flu vaccine could help avoid spreading the flu to those who are not so healthy or more vulnerable due to their young or old age.

The Inyo Health Department is offering another flu vaccination clinic with free flu shots at the Independence Health Department office at 155 East Market Street on Thursday between 9:00 am and noon. Friday, free flu shots are available at the Bishop Environmental Health Department on West South Street near the IMAH Thrift Store starting at 8:00 am and running until noon.

Flu vaccinations are also available Tuesday the 16th at the Lone Pine Health Department Office at 380 Mt. Whitney, between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

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