Unseasonable Hike in Gas Prices

Boldly on the way up – our gasoline prices. The Auto Club’s latest survey says that in the last month, prices of regular unleaded have jumped up 20 cents per gallon. A great deal of the blame goes to the lofty price of crude oil, $88 a barrel at last count.

Consumers in the Eastern Sierra assumed the “here we go again” view of how much they pay at the pumps. In Inyo County, gas prices for regular unleaded range from $3.13 a gallon to $3.29. In Mammoth Lakes, the same gallon costs around $3.47.

The Auto Club compared current price jumps to those after Hurricane Katrina hit. They report says that analysts point to the continuing high price of oil as the main reason behind this unseasonable rise in gas prices. They say that unless oil prices reverse course and move substantially lower from where they are today, motorists will likely continue to see gas prices trend higher.

The gasoline supply and production are low right now in California. That adds to high prices.

If it’s any consolation, gas prices in London, England? $6.65 per gallon. Of course, on the other end of the international gas price spectrum, Tehran, Iran sells gas to its people for something like 20 cents per gallon.


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