Gobble, gobble: Runners enjoy Mammoth Lakes Turkey Trot

Press release
“Inaugural Mammoth Lakes Turkey Trot”

If you think the only race that happens on Thanksgiving Day is seeing who gets a second helping of pumpkin pie first, guess again.

Turkey Trot 2015 p2

Before lifting a fork, watching football, and taking a post-turkey snooze, hundreds of thousands of Americans started their holiday by giving thanks — with a turkey trot.


And what a great Inaugural Mammoth Lakes Thanksgiving Day turkey trot it was!  With a warm sun and temperatures hovering in the single digits as the race began people of all ages and abilities gathered at Mammoth Creek Park West to celebrate the “day of thanks.”

Turkey Trot 2015 p3

This inaugural turkey trot is one of the country’s most scenic trots right in the heart of the Mammoth Lakes, California with runners that “run the race before you stuff your face.”   This 1.6 mile event benefited the Mammoth Lakes Track Club with 47 “fun runners” including two dogs and a baby carriage starting in the race that morning so they can feel guilt-free about gobbling down later on!

Turkey Trot 2015 p4

The turkey trot team of competitors were courageous and enthusiastic as Mammoth Track Club Head Coach Andrew Kastor sounded the “cow bell” marking the start of the trot heading east on the town path towards Snowcreek Athletic Club before circling back for a cup of hot cocoa and camaraderie.


Our team of “trotters” celebrated their morning together.

Male Trotters Female Trotters
0-10 Years Young   0-10 Years Young  
Trey Anderson 16:01 Piper Kastor 22:09
Perry Cooper 17:51 Peyton Rutherford 24.30
11-19 Years Young   11-19 Years Young  
Wesley Wilo 13:22 Bryn Urdi 18:26
Nick Panico 15:34 Madeleine Morrison 19:48
Conner Burrows 24:30 Regan Ritchie 20:15
Kyle Rutherford 24:31 Ryan Ritchie 26:25
20-29 Years Young   20-29 Years Young  
Nathan Mendelsohn 18:40 Mary Boccia 17:11
Eddie Villapando 19:37 Lesley Anne Hoxie 18:06
Kenden Blake 19:38 Kristen Boccia 20:17
30-39 Years Young   30-39 Years Young  
Jedrek Mularski 13:02 Jenny Senior 15:05
Andrew Kastor 14:00 Rachel Ritchie 15:28
Aaron Nedwick 19:40 Lindsay Barksdale 17:10
Jeannie Rutherford 24:31
40-49 Years Young   40-49 Years Young  
Kris Anderson 16:04 Stacy Corless 16:40
John Urdi 22:23 Shawn Ritchie 20:16
Mark Rutherford 24:30 Deena Kastor 22:11
Craig Burrows 24:30 Heidi Perry 22:24
Jennifer Burrows 24:30
Mary Harrison 26:25
50-59 Years Young   50-59 Years Young  
Dan Holler 25:40 Claudia Holler 25:41
60+ Years Young   60+ Years Young  
Rick Wood 14:00
Rich Boccia 15:50
Michael Morrison 19:48

We would like to thank all of the co-sponsors that made this Inaugural Mammoth Lakes Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot including the Town of Mammoth Lakes, the Mammoth Lakes Police Department, Mammoth Lakes Recreation, Mammoth Lakes Tourism, The Community Emergency Response Team, Footloose and the Mammoth Track Club.


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