Town Officials Nix Purchase of Athletic Club

The Mammoth Town Council proposed that Linda Dempsey donate her Snowcreek Athletic Club to the Town. In a letter dated Tuesday, the Town Manager and three Councilmen restated that a purchase of the Club by local government would not work out financially.

That letter, signed by Rob Clark for Councilmen Skip Harvey, Kirk Stapp and Neil McCarroll, outlines problem areas of the Club that would cost money to correct.

The officials say that the club capacity would increase greatly as a public facility owned by the Town. They point to difficulties in expansion of the club due to the design lay out. The location of the pools, showers and spas would “increase the cost to expand to the west and would impact the tennis courts.”

Town officials say they would have to upgrade the club to comply with the American Disabilities Act – no small cost. Officials believe parking would be a problem and that the Club is not located centrally enough to the community and schools, in particular.

Officials point to all of their current expenses for the airport, Village parking, transit – some $6 million in total. They write that Dempsey’s verbal proposal, whatever it was, is “far beyond the Town’s financial ability.”

The letter closes with a repeat that a donation of the Club would work for the Town if it would work as a tax write off for Linda Dempsey. If not, Town officials say they will take no further action regarding the purchase of the SCA as verbally offered.

Dempsey will close SCAQC at the end of September due to financial considerations. The Club, considered the social center of the community by many, has 800 year round and seasonal members.



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