Town Council Will Deal with Bears and Athletic Club

The perennial issue of bears will turn up at the Mammoth Town Council meeting Wednesday night.

Since the Police Chief dismissed bear expert Steve Searles from his voluntary job as wildlife specialist, the Town has had bear troubles. The drought situation in the mountains has added to the drive for the big animals to look for food around people.

Mayor Skip Harvey said he would request that the issue of bear management go to an agenda. That will happen Wednesday night. At the start of the meeting, just after 6pm, the Department of Fish and Game will give a presentation of fish stocking and bear management.

Then, following that, a general discussion of wildlife management. The public is encouraged to speak. The bottom line differences right now – DFG supports killing what they consider “problem bears” and many citizens support avoidance of problems altogether.

Steve Searles has proven his skill at that kind of avoidance in the program he developed and implemented in Mammoth Lakes and in Yosemite and other locations.

More Wednesday on that.

Also, more expected on the fate of the Snowcreek Athletic Club , slated to close at the end of November by owner Linda Dempsey.

There is a prospective buyer for the Club. Town Mgr. Rob Clark said he could not disclose who the buyer is, but Clark did say that the role of the Town in this matter would be to transfer densities from the land under the Club to the Dempsey property in the North Village.

Clark made it clear that this transfer would not add to the future population of Mammoth but would merely move the density to another location.

The current transaction seems pivotal in the Athletic Club remaining open and operational as a Club. This item is scheduled in open session as a Letter of Intent and as closed session discussions as well.


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